Awesome Global Events is about creating events and experiences that reach out and directly connect to niche audiences all over the Country and Internationally! From the Soulfrito Festival and Art Series to the Marbella Concert series in Spain and to Puro Dessert Lounge in Marrakech.  Awesome Global Events delivers unique moment of a lifetime experiences for party goers and offers it’s advertisers customized opportunities to reach and engage with niche audiences. 


Awesome Global Events offers rich media content and can create customized marketing solutions that generate strong response and build brand connection. is the largest independent website dedicated to Latin culture in the U.S. It is the hub of the Soulfrito experience, Young Latinos and Latino enthusiasts come to us for the latest in Latin music, videos, Fashion, Entertainment news, exclusive interviews, events and photos.

Awesome Global Events produces and delivers cutting edge content including concert performances, artist interviews, lifestyle footage, documentaries, short films and  mini episodes to distribute via our web portals and are available for licensing and distribution via other portals/ networks.


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